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Our Story - House Cleaning Services in UAE

Spotless and Flawless cleaning services LLC is a unique business venture owned by an American lady by the name of Laila Abdul Rasheed who is passionate about keeping her home and office in a clean and neat condition.

Spotless and Flawless is an already established cleaning business in the United States and since Laila’s move to the UAE, she decided to open up a branch in Dubai with plans to open more around the Emirates to offer Office, Commericail Places & House Cleaning Services in UAE.

Spotless and Flawless was born due to the increasing demand for expert cleaning services in Dubai and the gap in the market when it comes to providing a good and caring service to people’s homes and offices also we are providing Rent Man power for Cleaning Services in UAE .

Spotless and Flawless will initially provide cleaning services in various packages to cater to the diverse needs of this emirate and surrounding ones

house Cleaning services in UAE

Why Choose Us

A cleaning service that is always on time

Honest and reliable for your Office, Commerical and House Cleaning services in UAE

Well trained friendly, honest and reliable staff also can provide Rent Man Power for Cleaning Services in UAE

American managed and owned

You have the choice to use Environmentally friendly cleaning detergents

We service Dubai and surrounding emirates